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Sine Wave Filters Sine Wave Plus Filter FN530 - Sine Wave and EMC Output Filter for Motor Drives with a DC Link Access

Sine Wave and EMC Output Filter for Motor Drives with a DC Link Access
• Smoothing of PWM drive output voltage
• Efficient motor protection
• Reduction of common-mode interferences on motor cables
• Improvement of EMC environment
• Elimination of motor bearing damages
• Possibility to use very long unshielded motor cables
• Improvement of system reliability


Features and Benefits
1. Conversion of the PWM output signal (differential and common-mode voltage components) of motor drives into a smooth sine wave with low residual ripple
2. Elimination of premature motor damage caused by high dv/dt, overvoltages, motor overheating, eddy current losses or bearing damage
3. Elimination of interference propagation towards components or conductors in the vicinity
4. Provision of all benefits of traditional LC sine wave filters, plus:
5. Allows the use of extremely long unshielded motor cables without causing radiation problems (EN 55014, MDS clamp)
6. Restricts pulse currents to ground and hence limits leakage currents in the PE
7. Reduces the required EMI suppresssion efforts on the line side
8. Allows the use of lower rated drives with long motor cables due to lower losses in the IGBTs and in the motor cable

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