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Power Quality Services

Power Quality Services

Powertech Services

First-class service must be tailored precisely to the products and match the customer’s needs – at Powertech this is exactly our aim. We attach great importance to our services, which is why, together with selected partners, we offer a network of highly qualified experts. From pre-sales to aftersales services – our specialists accompany you during the entire process: from selecting the right product to commissioning and maintenance, whether at your location or in one of our local UAE service center. At home all over the world– we provide you with support independently of your location. Thanks to our comprehensive service network comprising in-house service engineers, we are able to guarantee you a quick professional and correct service; wherever in the world your location is.

Pre-sales service

Pre-sales service application assistance

Well-grounded expert knowledge and practical experience for competent advice. Our specialists will work together to find the optimum solution for your requirements in network.

Product design

When selecting components, your requirements are of utmost Our pre-sales team will assist you not only in the selection, the implementation and calculation of the required components entire power quality product portfolio.

Power quality measurements

Our specialists will perform an analysis of your low-voltage advanced metrology. Measurement & recording of various parameters with PQ events and disturbances according to the International standards. Harmonic measurement equipment used is Class A device in compliance to IEC 61000- 4-30 Ed. 3 and IEC 62586-1 Ed. 3 Measurement done at PCC (Point of Common Coupling) Points and at Individual Equipment Based on the results, documented in measurement report, we will show you concrete possible including suitable products. International standards, such or EN 50160, will, of course, be complied with.

Power quality Analysis

Our Specialized Trained Engineering team has extensive experience over more than 10-15 years conducted innumerable measurements with Analysis and Solutions at different locations in GCC Region. Verification of measurements and reports from experts from Schaffner AG HQ, Switzerland.

PQS Power Quality Simulator

You can use our most powerful Live Simulation - PQS Power Quality Simulator to check your requirements from a large database of converters, filters components and evaluate the required filter sizes of your product depending on the Network Infrastructure as per SLD/Load Schedules:

https://pqs.schaffner.com at FREE OF COST.

After-sales service

Panel Integration, Installation, Testing & Commissioning

Powertech can facilitate to manufacture Locally Built Stand Alone Panel, Made in UAE, integrating with Schaffner Modules and Accessories as per Sizing of the Harmonic Filters. Our Specialized Power Quality team support clients with Installation Supervision and are capable to execute complete Installation, Testing and Commissioning for any project depending on Scope of work. Testing & Commissioning support at Site for any location for GCC region, under direct coordination and supervision with Schaffner Global Service Team.

UAE Service Centre & Extended manufacturer’s warranty

Powertech is having local UAE Service Centre at DMC (Dubai Maritime City), managed by qualified and certified Service Engineers for Services like – Replacement of Spare Parts, Maintenance, Repair of Filters, etc

An extended manufacturer's warranty provides additional security and protects your investment.. For numerous power quality products, we therefore offer an extended warranty of up to three additional years following the normal warranty period (1 Year + 1 Year Additional if you register the product online at Schaffner Portal)

Maintenance agreement

Regular maintenance is indispensable to ensure trouble-free operation of your systems. When you purchase one of our products, you can opt for a maintenance agreement – we will take care of all that is required, tailored to your needs. You will find the respective maintenance plan for your power quality product in the operating instructions or in any Schaffner service manual.

Health check

Is the power quality filter still properly configured? Does it still work faultlessly? Is maintenance due? Our services portfolio for power quality products also includes functional tests, on site or in our service centre. Our engineers or commissioned service partners will test the device and adjust the settings on site, if required. In case of comprehensive reconfigurations, we offer commissioning, power quality measurements or remote support.


Do you need consumables, does a defective fuse or a fan need to be replaced? For all power quality products, we have a comprehensive range of consumables ready. You can either perform a replacement yourself or we will send you a qualified service engineer who will perform the work for you.

Technical remote support

Do you need technical support for power quality products or do you have any questions on technical issues? Our local Schaffner service centers are at your service.

Service & Repair Center - Harmonic Filters
Harmonic Study at Site and Measurement