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Thanks to the wealth of experience acquired with the Guinard Group, ROTOS operates in sectors involving extremely heavy-duty services that require high-tech pumps compliant with international standards required for such applications.

Pumps manufactured in compliance with the API 610, ISO 2858 and ISO 5199 standards find their natural application in chemical and petrochemical plants, as well as in oil refineries.

API 685 and ISO 2858 magnetic drive pumps are used for applications that require top reliability and safety to pump hazardous chemical products (toxic, flammable).

Liquefied gases and volatile liquids can be conveyed with “barrel” pump versions.
For other special sectors, such as geothermics, reverse osmosis, desalination, off-shore, cryogenic fluids, ROTOS’ range of
pumps is suited to meet any specific application requirement.

Magnetic Drive Seal-Less Pumps
Process Pumps API 610
Multi-Stage Magnetic Drive Pump