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Sync Module SYNC300A for Ecosine Active Sync

The Sync Module SYNC300A stands as the master communication module for Ecosine Active Sync Active Harmonic Filter.
This optional accessory improves installation and functionalities of the system.
The usage of a Sync Module is greatly recommended for Ecosine Active Sync starting from 180A and above and already working starting with one Power Module FN3530 or FN3540.
Allow the interconnection of multiple cabinets to act as a single Active Harmonic Filter with up to 1200A of mitigation current.


• Flexible installation with current transformers on mains or load side; one simple CT connection point for all modules.
• Intelligent load and energy management with standby control and additional Digital I/O.
• Simple and modular installation (wall-mount or rack-mount); recommended for 180 A and more.
• Easy filter scalability and extension of mitigation current beyond 300 A; one sync module can connect and coordinate up to 5 power modules (5×60 A) in parallel; higher mitigation current rates are possible by paralleling the sync modules, e.g. for 480 A active harmonic filter, 2 sync modules and 8 power modules are required.
• Available as part of the Ecosine Active Sync cabinet or as an option for later upgrade.

Features and Benefits
• Digital I/O
• 2 DI, 2DO, 4 DI/O (programmable)
• 2 Relays NO, 2 relays NC (250 VAC / 3A)
• 2 relays NO with common COM (250 VAC / 3A)
• CT configuration
• Closed loop
• Open loop
• Standby control
• Hot standby
• Cold standby
• Reduce losses
• Increase lifetime
• Equalizing operational hours
• Redundancy

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