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The installation of submersible electric pumps for the past 60 years allowed Gruppo Aturia to acquire a wealth of application experience in a range of sectors. Submersible electric pumps, designed to lift water from wells, have replaced vertical axis pumps. By using diversified materials such as bronze, stainless steel and Duplex, today they are successfully used for heavy-duty applications that require great reliability, such as the Industry, Off-shore infrastructures, Mining and Naval sectors.

Using pumps submersible in special vertical or horizontal cylindrical tanks allows to design systems to increase pressure by reducing space and operating noise compared with traditional solutions with surface pumps. To offer Costumers hydraulic features with the best performances, the wide capacity and head range is covered with more than five hundred types of pumpsets.
In recent years Aturia introduced a range of submersible motors suitable for hot water by adopting new design solutions.

Submersible Electric Pumps
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