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Ecosine Economy LV Ecosine Economy FN3416LV - Ecosine Low-Voltage Economy Line of Passive Harmonic Filters

Ecosine Low-Voltage Economy Line of Passive Harmonic Filters
• Economy line of passive harmonic filters for THID <7% • Help to comply with EN 61000-3-12, IEEE-519 and other PQ standards • Support an efficient utilization of electrical system capacity • Ideal for AC or DC motor drives with 6-pulse rectifier front-end • Suitable for 200-240 V diode and thyristor (SCR) rectifiers applications


Features and Benefits
FN 3416 LV (50 Hz) models of the ECOsine product family represent the very compact “economy line” with a THID performance of ≤7% (with Ldc).
The performance is still sufficient to comply with EN 61000-3-12 or with IEEE-519 for Isc/IL <50. Schaffner ECOsine filters help to unburden the electrical infrastructure from excess loading and heat caused by current harmonics, and therefore support a better utilization of electric system capacity. Lower harmonics also reduce the risk of system resonances and potential downtime of sensitive electronic equipment. FN 3416 LV filters upgrade standard motor drives to “low-harmonic drives” quickly and easily.

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