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Ecosine Evo Ecosine Evo FN3442 - Ecosine evo, 400 VAC 60 Hz Full Performance Passive Harmonic Filters

Ecosine evo, 400 VAC 60 Hz Full Performance Passive Harmonic Filters
• The industry standard for 6-pulse rectifier and motor drives
• Filters for diode rectifier without DC-link choke and thyristor rectifier
• Best-in-class partial load performance
• Most compact design
• Plug and play, ready to use


Features and Benefits
Schaffner ecosine harmonic filters represent an economical solution to the challenge of load-applied harmonics mitigation in three-phase power systems. With a plug-and-play approach and more compact dimensions than comparable products, they can be quickly installed and easily commissioned. They increase the reliability and service life of electric installations, help utilize electric sytem capacity better, and are the key to meet Power Quality standards such as IEEE 519. Ecosine filters reshape your distorted current back to the desired sinusoidal waveform. Schaffner ecosine filters can be applied to virtually any kind of power electronics with front-end six-pulse rectifiers, 3-phase diode or thyristor bridges, where harmonic current distortion needs to be reduced to defined limits.

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