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3-Phase Line Reactors 3-Phase Line Reactors RWK3062 - 3-phase Line Reactor to reduce mains disturbances

3-phase Line Reactor to reduce mains disturbances
• 2% 3-phase line reactor for 690 V network
• Reducing harmonics on the mains side
• Reducing commutation notches
• Limiting inrush current
• Reliable and economical solution for mitigating mains disturbances


Features and Benefits
• Ensure reliability, performance and a long service life of electrical consumers
• Reduction of mains harmonics and commutation notches
• Help to meet international power quality standards
• Protection of motor drive electronics and dc link capacitors against mains transients
• Reduction of inrush and peak currents
• Improvement of conducted LF immunity
• Prevention from nuisance tripping caused by power line voltage spikes
• Improvement of true power factor

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